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Thursday, April 29th 2004

1:29 PM

Bravenet Journal Community

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I already posted this over at the journal demo, but i figured I'd put it here too:

Well, after a bit of a wait while we busied ourselves doing other stuff, it's here. The Bravenet Web Journal Community! You can see it at www.bravejournal.com !

We have some plans for additional functionality and stuff as always, but it's up and running. Hopefully it helps you guys meet other journal members!

In order to make sure your journal is listed correctly, please log into your Web Journal Manager and update your profile by clicking "Manage Profile". You will notice two new options, one is the journal description and the other is "country flag" - These are both used for the community site to describe your journal to people browsing.  Another thing to check is under 'Edit Displayed Text', make sure you have a title there - this is the title that is used as the name of your journal. If you do not have a title, it will use your name instead.

You will still be listed even if you don't update these things but without a description of your journal, people browsing might be less likley to visit you!
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Thank you You guys are the greatest
Friday, April 30th 2004 @ 9:39 AM

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Friday, April 30th 2004 @ 9:31 AM

Posted by JeanC:

Okay, I guess I am going to be a trouble maker, seems that when there is a change I find problem For some reason my country flag won't display. It should be the US flag, and that is what it was set to when I first checked it after the announcement. If I change it to the Canadian flag, that will show up, but when I change it back to the US flag it defaults to the little bravenet flag.
Friday, April 30th 2004 @ 9:23 AM

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